Inspiring Videos

From time to time I hear about or stumble across an inspiring video I want to share with someone.  So I created this page as a repository for videos that promote community, peace, health, courage, social justice, and goodwill.  Please share them with your family and friends, and send links to videos you like to Jacqueline at  Long or short, if it speaks to you I’d love to know about it.

I hope you are moved, inspired, transformed, emboldened, and healed.


#10 Kid President  Thanks to Noah for reminding me about these.   Adorable and right on!

#9 Khloe Kares  After passing homeless people on her way to school each day, Khloe Thompson launched her own charity o help vulnerable women in her community.


#8 Being a Girl  Kayley Dixon, 14, reading “A Touch of Sexual Assault,” her powerful poem about what it’s like being a teen girl today.  She’s part of an effort to fight sexual violence.


#7 Child Wisdom  Out of the mouths of babes…6-year-old wisdom to her recently divorced parents


#6 Education Is The Only Solution  Very moving, this one speaks for itself


#5 Right To Be Free  Watch these 3rd graders take action against child labor.  So inspiring to see young activists at work!

#4 Ten Hours Of Walking  I might have to change the title of this page.  This video is definitely not inspiring; in fact, it’s disturbing for so many reasons.  I’m including it here because it speaks to the courage women must muster every day.  How can there be peace in the world if women are treated so disrespectfully and are robbed of their power as humans?

#3 Ryan’s Story  Here’s another one Angelina shared with me.  I love this for so many reasons, most especially for the lessons on how to live with courage and conviction, and how to die with grace and dignity.  I love Ryan’s question, “What kind of story are we going to live out?” and his invitation to “cultivate a sense of love and community where you live, where you work, and where you play.” Thank you, Ryan, for the reminders and for sharing your story.

#2 Climbing PoeTree  Thank you, Angelina and Sequoia, for this one!   Climbing PoeTree is the creation of Alixa Garcia and Naima Penniman.  From their website:  “Creativity is the antidote for violence and destruction. Art is our most human expression, our voice to communicate our stories, to challenge injustice and the misrepresentations of mainstream media, to expose harsh realities and engender even more powerful hope, a force to bring diverse peoples together, a tool to rebuild our communities, and a weapon to win this struggle for universal liberation.”

#1 International Women’s Day  The theme this year is Make It Happen.   Here’s a remarkable young woman the whole world has come to know who, despite incredible obstacles, is making it happen for girls’ education every day…

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The Growing Peace Project is a peacemaking and youth activism initiative where youth from diverse communities come together to tackle social issues that are important to them. We seek to empower youth to become “bridge builders,” thereby strengthening community and growing peace.

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